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Our horchata is made with only water, tigernut and sugar. It contains no preservatives, so the shelf life of our tigernut milk is two or three days.
We make it every day in our factory and serve it with and without sugar. It’s rich in vitamins and minerals, and perfect for all ages.

We make leche merengada daily using only the best ingredients: whole milk, cinnamon and lemon zest. This is one of the classics of our establishment and we serve it well chilled, perfect to quench your thirst on a summer day. This is a classic of Mediterranean culture that you’ll come back to again and again.

We take the time to do it right.

Starting with only the highest quality pressed of squeezed fresh fruit, we make five types of crushed ice drinks.

· Lemon
· Orange
· Strawberry
· Mango and passion fruit
· Coffee


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Fresh horchata with or without sugar
Frozen horchata

3 litres     5 litres     10 litres
3 litres     5 litres     10 litres

Making horchata is an artisanal process. It begins by rinsing the tigernuts to remove soil and impurities. The tigernuts are then rehydrated so they absorb water and swell. Once they’re rehydrated and cleaned, they are crushed in a mill. The resulting mass is left to steep and then put in a press to separate the liquid from the solids. This gives us the first press. The remaining material and the contents of the sieve are mixed with water and pressed again. This gives us the second press, which is mixed with the first press, giving us our fresh horchata. Sugar is then added. The mixture is immediately cooled to 0 °C. When it’s cold, it’s ready for tasting.

Horchata retains all its properties when frozen. Immediately after we finish making our horchata, we freeze some of it for customers who’ve ordered it. It has no additives or preservatives. This horchata retains 100% of its organoleptic properties and vitamins when thawed.

Nutritional properties. Horchata is an energy drink that contains no lactose, fructose or saturated fat, meaning it has zero cholesterol. Its composition of fatty acids by percentage is the same as olive oil. It contains vitamins E and C, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc, and is considered to have mineral content similar to dried oleaginous fruit. It’s suitable for obese diabetic patients. It does not contain caffeine, making it a very healthy choice for children, pregnant women and the elderly. It’s an antioxidant and furthermore, its amino acids, starch and amylase and lipase enzymes give it excellent digestive properties.

DO Alboraia Tigernuts. Our tigernuts are Valencia Denomination of Origin tigernuts from Alboraia, a town known for having the best quality tigernuts.
The soil of Alboraia is ideal for growing tigernuts thanks to its sandy texture, which gives tigernuts intense flavour and bare skin, and makes them larger.
The tigernut plant has been known for more than 3,000 years. It’s a tuber that comes originally from Sudan. The tigernut arrived in Valencia in the 8th century, introduced by the Arabs. Islamic culture spread tigernut cultivation throughout the region of Valencia, but especially in the area of Alboraia and nearby towns, since they had the perfect climate and the best soil for growing tigernut plants. There is documentary evidence that people in the 13th century drank a refreshing drink made from tigernut milk. Its medicinal properties had already been recognised even at that early date.
Tigernut plants are planted from April to May and harvested from mid-November and mid-December.

Leche merengada

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Fresh leche merengada
Frozen leche merengada

3 litres     5 litres     10 litres
3 litres     5 litres     10 litres

The process of making leche merengada is one that requires patience and dedication.
We take Verna lemons from Murcia and peel them by hand. We infuse the lemon peel together with the cinnamon sticks from Sri Lanka, and, following a methodical and painstaking process, we wait for just the right moment to remove it from the heat. After a good rest, we have Artesans Soler’s renowned leche merengada.



            · Lemon and orange: We squeeze our own. We squeeze more than 7,000 kilograms of lemon and other fruit by hand to get juice that’s completely natural. Combined with just the right proportions of water and sugar, we use it to create the base for our granizados.

           · Strawberry, mango and passion fruit: We press strawberries from Huelva, fresh passion fruit and Alphonso mango from India to make the fruit base we use with just the right proportions of sugar and water to make the base for our granizado.

            · Coffee: Our coffee granizado is made with blended and fresh coffee. We make coffee with our coffee machines, which, together with water and sugar is used to make the base for our granizado.