All our products may contain allergens

Our workshop

We make products for the summer season in our Badalona workshop in the Les Guixeres Industrial Estate.
Here is where we make our ice cream, horchata, leche merengada, ice-cream bars and much more. We adhere to a strict quality policy to bring you the best the market has to offer.

Since Xixona is a land of almonds and honey, it’s always been home to perfect conditions for an entire village to dedicate itself to making turrón.

Thanks to the quality of these ingredients, the turrón from Xixona has been declared a Denomination of Origin, DO Xixona, which is why we make our turrón in a factory in the town of Xixona.


The Badalona workshop

With every product we make we devote the time to ensure it’s made right, considering health properties, and, above all, the senses. Our world-class team of professionals make each one by hand, ensuring the best quality every day so we offer only the best. We carefully select all our ingredients, using only the choicest ingredients in the creation of the ample variety of products we offer.

The Xixona workshop

Since our production is limited, we enjoy the privilege of being able to give equal importance to selecting the best ingredients and to the creative process.
Some of the ingredients chosen for September include Marcona almond and 100% rosemary and orange blossom honey, nuts, cinnamon and chocolate.
In November and December, we prepare these ingredients with great care so that when they finally arrive at your table there can be no doubt they are freshly made.