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Semi-prepared products

The semi-prepared products we make are used in our own finished products, for example, strawberry sauce for our strawberry ice creams, cake for our cake ice cream, etc. We make mint syrup with fresh mint we clean by hand, which is then infused, muddled and made into syrup. The syrup we make is used to give flavour and presence to our products, including our after-eight, mojito, Aigua de Badalona and other ice creams.
Using precise techniques and always maintaining the purity of the products we work with, you could say our semi-prepared products are the gears that make the finished ice creams work. When it comes time to add a new flavour ingredient, they help us to design top-quality products with fantasy and imagination.



Sachertorte base

Tarta San Marcos base

Strawberry sauce

Raspberry sauce






Ginger sauce